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Yorkshire Training Centre International

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Summer Celebrations: with Dave Spenceley TSTA - live in Bucharest

1) Summer TA Training and party:  July Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th  (3 days)

2) Summer TA psychotherapy and Party: July Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th (4 days)

TA Training groups in Bucharest

TA training for professional and personal development which can lead to internationally recognised qualification as a TA psychotherapist, or TA coach for those who complete the training process.

TA 101 course - the official Introduction to TA

TA in Leadership and Coaching - with Uta Höhl TSTA-C

What is actually required in Romania?  

In Romania the training can be used to register with CPR (Formerly COPSI) “to practice psychotherapy under supervision” and after qualification as a CTA to become an autonomous practitioner.

There is often much confusion and miss-information regarding the requirements and process for applying for certification to practice under supervision in Romania - therefore YTCi has created this pdf description of all the requirements along with a description of the relationship between the various professional bodies and a description of the process of application - along with the relevant links to follow. YTCi uses the information received from ARAT regarding requirements for recognition in Romania: Trainees are responsible for ensuring that they fulfil the current requirements by both ARAT and other professional bodies within Romania.

Requirements for certification in Romania and to become a CTA (pdf download)

Psychotherapy - with Dave Spenceley

Psychotherapy - healing the hurts of the past to live freely in the present.

For further information regarding YTCi training and psychotherapy: