Contact:  YTCi Course Director Dave Spenceley // Administration: Andreea Barbulis

Yorkshire Training Centre International

Psychotherapy with Dave Spenceley TSTA

Dave qualified as a TA psychotherapist in 1990.

Dave works with couples, groups and individual clients from around Europe using zoom when face to face sessions are not possible.

TA psychotherapy groups in Bucharest: Dave runs three groups:

Weekend therapy group - meeting 6 times a year:

2021 - Sep 18 / 19th, Oct 16 / 17th, Dec 18 / 19th.

2022 - Feb 5 / 6th, April 2 / 3rd, June 11/ 12th, Sept 11 / 12th, Oct 22 / 23rd, Dec 17 / 18th.

One day therapy group One - Thursdays

2021 - Sept 16th, Oct 14th, Nov 25th, Dec 16th.

2022 - Jan 20th, Feb 17th, Mar 17th, April 7th, May 19th, June 9th, July 7th, Sep 8th, Oct 20th, Nov 15th Tuesday, Dec 15th.

One day therapy group two - Tuesdays

2021 - Sep 14th, Oct 19th, Nov 23rd, Dec 14th.

2022 - Jan 11th, Feb 8th, Mar 15th, April 5th, May 17th, June 21st, July 5th, Sep 14th, Oct 18th, Nov 22nd, Dec 13th.

Men’s Group - Dave runs a men’s group in Germany meeting for 3 days four times a year, contact Dave for details.

Contract and agreements for membership of the groups in Romania: