Contact:  YTCi Course Director Dave Spenceley // Administration: Andreea Barbulis

Yorkshire Training Centre International

Psychotherapy with Dave Spenceley TSTA

Covid Pandemic… note that all groups and individual sessions are online until we can all meet safely again…. Stay safe!

Dave qualified as a TA psychotherapist in 1990 Dave works with couples, groups and individual clients from around Europe using skype when face to face sessions are not possible.

TA psychotherapy groups in Bucharest: Dave runs three groups:

Weekend therapy group - meeting 6 times a year:

2020 - Oct 17 /18th, Dec 5/ 6th.

2021 - Feb 13 / 14, April 24 / 25th, June 12 / 13th, Sep 18 / 19th, Oct 16 / 17th, Dec 18 / 19th.

One day therapy group One - Thursdays

2020 - Nov 12th / Dec 3rd

2021 - Jan 21st, Feb 11th, March 18th, April 22nd, May 20th, June 10th, July 8th, Sept 16th, Oct 14th, Nov 25th, Dec 16th.

One day therapy group two - Tuesdays

2020 - Nov 10th / Dec 8th

2021 - Jan 19th, Feb 16th, Mar 9th, April 13th, May 18th, June 15th, July 6th, Sep 14th,

Oct 19th, Nov 23rd, Dec 14th.

Contract and agreements for membership of the groups: