Contact:  YTCi Course Director Dave Spenceley // Administration: Andreea Barbulis

TA Training with YTCi  - Bucharest and Timisara

Using TA philosophy and practice we will create a supportive atmosphere in which you can safely develop professionally and personally. Providing you with an opportunity to reflect on your professional practice and to develop your professional skills and techniques.  

TA training is focused on professional and personal growth. The workshops include theoretical input, discussions, supervision and self experience. You will learn TA concepts and methodology and apply the theory to your professional practice.  

You will develop your skills and competence in analysis, contracting and develop strategies for planning psychotherapeutic interventions effectively when working with individuals and groups.

The training is process orientated offering you the opportunity for personal reflection on areas which have an impact on your professional work.  

Description of the aims and methodology of TA training at YTCi - pdf file

The TA 101 course - the official Introduction to TA:

Understanding the core TA concepts - The official introduction to TA - “101 course” - provides an overview of TA theory and practice with participants how they can apply TA professionally and personally.

TA training in Romania 2018

Participants commitment -

Practice in Romania:

See the requirements of the Romanian Associations and EATA - Steps to certification pdf

Six stages of training and development in the learning process: In this model the first three areas are seen as beginning stages, with the second three stages as being advanced. This model is based on an article by Bruce Loria 1983 TAJ, in which he quotes early educational works.

Basic: - preparing to practice

Advanced: - preparing for qualification as a CTA