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YTCi Diploma in TA Applications

The diploma awarded by YTCi in either the psychotherapy or counselling field of application.

YTCi Diploma Requirements: These requirements are designed to provide a stepping stone towards taking the CTA and take into account the requirements for practice in Romania and also the requirements of EATA.

YTCi Diploma in TA practice Examination: designed to be preparation for the CTA oral examination and therefore follows a similar structure. As this examination is itself designed as an educational process the exam will be marked using the CTA oral exam scoring sheet when deciding if the exam is a pass or defer. However the scoring will reflect the trainees current experience as ready to start the preparation for CTA.

(The trainee will provide sufficient copies of the front sheet and transcript for all members of the group and examiners in advance of the exam. These will be handed out in advance of the examination)  

The examination will be rated a pass if the examiners are satisfied that the candidate has completed the diploma requirements and also demonstrated:

  1. An accurate understanding of their client using at least two TA concepts.
  2. The candidate will describer a clear overall contract and a session contract.
  3. Described their client work with using TA theoretical concepts.
  4. The goal of the recording is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the candidates interventions of the candidate by inviting the client to change in the direction of fulfilling their session contract.
  5. The candidate has presented themselves as professional and ethical in their work