Contact:  YTCi Course Director Dave Spenceley // Administration: Andreea Barbulis

TA - Professional Development Group.

2021 will see a new group being developed with Dave

TA Professional Development Group:  The goal of this group will be to facilitate the ongoing professional development of TA trainees who have completed at least 4-5 years of professional TA training (minimum 500 hours of EATA recognised TA training) and who are using TA professionally but are not wishing or ready to prepare for their CTA examination.

Requirements for Membership

1) The YTCi Diploma in TA applications during their membership of the YTCi training programme. (Or if not a member of the YTCi programme can demonstrate equivalence).

2)  Participants must be committed to using TA professionally and ethically, and including for example to continue in personal psychotherapy when practicing as a psychotherapist under supervision. This group is not intended to be a replacement for ongoing / regular practice supervision or personal development. Therefore participants are expected to be in regular personal therapy and supervision.

3) At each group session participants will be expected to present case work for supervision including presentations of recordings of their work.

4) There will be theoretical discussion based on the requests of participants and supportive processes regarding the participants professional development and practice.

In line with EATA guidelines it is expected that all the hours will be counted as TA training hours except for when the trainee presents a specific aspect of their work for supervision, in which case they can count those hours as supervision hours.  

Frequency of the groups: There are 8 days scheduled for 2021, the group will be run online, and will last from 1o - 6pm German time.  With a commitment to a minimum of one year participation. Once the group is established we can review the number of times the group meets each year, and whether to extend the group to 1.5 days or 2 days.


Dates: Feb 3rd, March 3rd, April 7th, June 3rd, Aug 3rd, Sept 3rd, Oct 6th, Nov 3rd,


1) Written application which describes your motivation for joining this group.

2) Submission of a practice related CV.

3) Submission of a TA training log which includes a summary of the training / supervision / personal development and practice hours.